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Computer vision, machine learning, evolutionary algorithms, IoT and more with precision for business operations.

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Simple Solution for Complex Problems

Be it chip design, logistical problem or predictive analytics, from Consumer Segmentation to Medical Diagnostics our Evolutionary Algorithm solutions cover it all.

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Smarter Models
Industry AI Solutions

With our expertise in deep learning models, we help you build custom applications of AI for your industry.
Gain insights into your organization’s datasets like never before with our machine learning toolkit.
And it’s simple to plug-n-play our solutions in computer vision and natural language processing with zero code, too.

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It's a Sensory World

We live in amazing times where any object you could think of is connected to the internet. By 2020 IoT will consist of 50 billion objects using 1 trillion sensors. Sensors embedded in machines and equipment feed critical data to one another and make them super smart. Through our expertise in IoT we will make automation a seamless implementation.

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Matrix Precise is a Technology Development, Consulting and R&D company headquartered in Los Altos, California. We provide customer solutions in the areas of Facial Recognition, Smart Retail, Handwriting Recognition and Smart Robots. Our capabilities reach into the domains of Security, Logistics, Retail, Health Care, Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Finance and Banking.

Our in-house R&D team conducts research in Computer Science, Mathematics and Computational Genomics to advance solutions in Computer Vision, Evolutionary Algorithm, Machine Learning, and Internet of Things.

Our client services also entail a wide range of solutions from web and mobile application development, infrastructure support, application support, production support to testing services.


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